Friday, July 27, 2012

my world + this weekend

Welcome Friday.
Welcome Friend.

I've got so much swirling around over here in my head.
And in my heart.

I've got about 19,001 things I want to write about.
Like how I'm still recovering from the yuckiness I picked up in Mexico.
Like how my body feels different.

I want to tell stories about the darker, shadow side of my yoga self.
In particular one story that Andy and I learned a lot from.

I want to tell you how amazed I am by the latest group of yoginis to graduate from my 200 hour yoga teacher training. How brilliant they are. How they inspire me to want to be a better teacher. I want to tell you about Jen and how she is breaking the mold and chasing her heart's desires.

I want to tell you how fantastic the completion of my life coaching training was. How awesome it was to be part of a beautiful, like minded group that's dedicated creating and living a life by their design. I want to tell you how this time has rocked my world in ways I'm still waking up to.

I want to tell you about the push/pull I feel about diving into coaching. How excited I am. How primed I am. How I really do believe I'm made for this and how I've already been doing this thing called coaching through my teaching and writing (thank you Mia for shining a light on that).

I want to tell you about all the ideas I have for Barefoot Works, the treehouse. And how thankful I am for the awesome teachers I am blessed to have supporting me and our students at said treehouse.

I want to tell you about the cowboy boots I want to buy.
New dishes I want to replace.
New dreams that are coming true.
Adventures Andy and I are planning.
And our dogs. How cute are they?

It's a lot.

Instead I want to share something else I'm pumped about.
The manual I had printed.
The pink binder and new gel pens I just bought.

And the fact that I get to participate in a training this weekend led by a fave,
Miss Leeann Carey.

Leeann will be teaching our Saturday group class at 9:15. Hip, hip, hooray!
The Sunday 10:30 class is canceled.
Sunday 4:00 class is on, subbed by Laura Whitaker.

You can still join in on the fun with Leeann. Here are some deets:
Each segment (descriptions below) is $59 and are as follows:
Friday: 5pm -9pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm or 4pm - 8pm (these are adjusted times from our typical schedule)
Sun: 9am - 1pm or 2pm -6pm

I highly recommend Friday for sure and Saturday. If you take only Sunday then you will have missed all of the foundational information from Friday. Leeann will probably end a bit early on Sunday so the 2nd Sunday segment is not recommended.

You can register for the segments on our website or simply show up a little early tomorrow and pay Leeann when you are there.

Friday, 5 - 9pm
Observation Skills - This includes learning how to look at your students using the propping, collapsing and yielding metric, form and function rule, range of motion.
Inquiries - Proprioception test and breathing patterns.
Physio-emotional assessment tools.

Saturday, 9 – 1pm
Understanding which pose best teaches us about a specific condition.
Pose breakdown using observation skills with other students and applying strategic prop placement.

Saturday, 2pm – 6pm
Pose modifications to address unique needs for therapeutic results.
Yāpana yoga class.
Sunday, 9 - 1pm
Continue pose breakdown using observation skills with other students and applying strategic prop placement.
Continue pose modifications to address unique needs for therapeutic results.

Sunday, 2pm – 6pm
Breathing: Brhmana and Lanhana and organic explorations in relation to poses and the diaphragm(s) Ethical Inquiries - how to teach who is in front of you.

*Segments are designed for those that want education on a portion of the training and are priced in an affordable manner. Although the total of the 5 segments are less than the $445 rate, in order to receive a certificate of completion you must complete all segments of the training and pay a $150 certification fee on top of the 5 segment total (which comes to a total of $445).

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