Tuesday, July 03, 2012

celebrating my teachers

Look at the chickpeas in the pot,
how they leap up when they feel the fire.
While boiling, one of them rises to the top
and cries, "Why are you setting this fire under me?
Did you buy me for this tumbling and torture?"
The housewife keeps hitting it with the ladle.
"No!" she says, "boil nicely now,
and don't leap away from the one who makes the fire.
It's not because you are hateful to me that I boil you,
but so that you might gain flavor,
and become nutritious and mingle with
essential spirit.
This affliction is not because you are despised.
When you were green and fresh,
you were watered in the garden:
that watering was for the sake of this fire.

Today is guru purnima, a day of celebration for the guru. The day of the full moon in July.
Guru means that which is grand. Purnima means fullness (as in full moon).
A guru is typcially thought of one who removes darkness.
Guru also refers to knowing your own higher self.

Today I am remembering and celebrating the grand teachers that have impacted my life.
I am recalling the ones of past and present.
Thinking of the lessons they helped me to learn, the time they shared, the changes they inspired, and

the teachings they shared so that I might gain flavor and become nutritious and mingle with spirit.

Bowing to them with a reverent and grateful heart.

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