Friday, July 20, 2012

6th annual maya tulum yoga retreat

Happy Friday Friends,

I've been back from Tulum for a few days. I feel like I'm just now getting back in the swing of things. I wanted to share a few photos with you and recap a few highlights from my recent yoga time in Tulum.

As always, the group was simply fantastic. This retreat was different than others I've led in the past in that there were five couple (including Andy and myself). We also had a mom/daughter duo and more than a hand full of awesome women traveling alone to treat themselves to a week of yoga and retreat. Five of the participants retreated with me last summer in Tulum so being reunited on the beach, in this sweet and sacred land brings me such happiness.

The group in general just meshed so well. Certainly a highlight for me. The week in general felt very light, airy, low-key, and fun.

I love walking around on the property of Maya Tulum and seeing lil pockets of yogis enjoying themselves. Swimming in the sea, laughing together while lounging on the beach, sipping a delicious drink. And I equally delight when I see people taking time for themselves. A quiet walk on the beach, walking around reveling in the beauty around, reading in the restaurant, writing in a lounge chair, napping in a hammock. Delicious.

A couple of my personal highlights include sharing 10 days with Andy in Mexico, and specifically having him as a part of the group yoga retreat experience. That was pretty special for me. He was pretty awesome and took all the yoga classes except for one (he even made it to class after a night of a few....or five too many drinks ;).  I loved introducing him to fellow students who I consider part of my yoga family. And I loved the lil ways he took care of me during the week. Pretty great.

We also treated ourselves and upgraded to an amazing villa. The views from this room are simply unbelievable. I felt like I was even retreating by having this space!

As with most things, there were a couple of rocky moments. The biggest being Andy and I getting sick on the day the retreat ended. We had booked two extra days to vacation and I was pretty excited to decompress, do some yoga, and spend quality time on the beach and in the water.

Not so much. But really, who can complain?

I know I'm 100% blessed to get to travel to such a place, to meet such amazing people, to be a part of such a thing, and consider it my work.


A big hearty thank you to everyone who traveled to Tulum to explore yoga, meet new people, create new experiences, and have some good ol' fashion fun. I admire all of you. And I adore you too.

As you might imagine, you'll find me (and Andy) back in the magical land of Tulum yet again next summer.

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