Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what would you love to be doing right now?

In general I have a lot of discussions with people about what I call doing what you love. I'm a lover of entrepreneurship. In the past I've (half) jokingly said "Everyone should own their own business!"

Yes, I see that as a broad blanket of a statement.
No, I don't really think that everyone should own their own business.
I can see that clearly some people are better suited to support and some are better suited to lead.
Yes, I think you can keep your day job and bring your genius self to that day job.
Yes, I'm a believer in tapping into your strengths and pursing your passions.

At the heart of my "business is so awesome we should all be doing it." is a sincere desire that we all do more of what we love.

And that when we're doing more of what we love....
We're better for our family, friends, society and ourselves....
And when we're showing up in that way with others it's like a ripple in a lake that continues to expand outward....
Ultimately making the world a better place.
I believe this.

In shining a light on our genius way of being you have to start somewhere. Getting clear on the things that you love, the things that make you feel more alive in body, mind, and heart is a beautiful starting place.

Let's take a look at what your living and doing now. Ponder these questions. Take them on a walk in the woods. Meditate on them. Contemplate them. Reflect on them in your journal around them. Draw a picture. Make a collage. Loads of options friends.

What does a general day in your life look like?
What are the things you are doing right now?
How does what you're doing make you feel?
Do you feel awake, alive, and energized by the things you are doing?

Now let's do some investigating around your genius:

What are your current desires? You have to start somewhere and this is a pretty dreamy place to begin.

What are the things you loved to do as a kid?
What did you dream of?
What are things that make you feel most alive and energized?
What are the things you do that don't feel like work, but you feel like you are in the zone, in the flow?

This morning I was upstairs in my yoga room. I looked to my right at the basket. There is a book, a journal, pens and markers. There was an old issue of Oprah in the basket. I picked it up and immediately my eyes landed on this...

"It starts with a desire to chase what moves you most - and after that, it's about figuring out what you're great at, what it takes to keep you moving forward, and exactly what you need to succeed."

It starts with a desire to chase what moves you most. That's huge. That is a starting place.

Well before I ever birthed Barefoot Works, before I fell head over heels in love with yoga, I knew I wanted to own a business. The dreaming started in a small office with no windows with my awesome co-worker and friend.

Some part of me knew that I would be fulfilling something really big and important for my heart and soul. That desire was my starting place.

Your genius can be a compass that leads you to create a life of purpose and meaning (that may or may not be directly tied back to a job).

Your desires.
Your sense of aliveness.
Your joy.
Your ways of being in the flow.
Your genius......

All lead toward a delicious, juicy joyful life filled with purpose and meaning. Plus a whole lot of other really amazing things!


What would you love to be doing right now?

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