Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a mind backed by will

Good Morning Friends,

Who needs an alarm when you have a bat in your bedroom at 4:30 in the morning?
That's the question Andy just posed on Facebook.

That's the experience we had early this morning.  Oh, Big Blue House I love you so much but realllly?

Andy and I awoke to some weird mrrrppp noise (Lauren, I used one of your sounds!)....
He says what is that?  I sleepily respond, "It's the ceiling fan blowing paper around."  Andy responds back, "No, it's like an animal or something."

At that time I opened my eyes and saw a bat whizzing above my head.  So I was wrong. Andy was right.  Andy and I have some unwritten rules in our relationship.  I hate getting gas for my car. I dislike doing laundry (ok, dishes too).  I don't enjoy taking the garbage out.  Therefore Andy does most of those. 

Andy doesn't like to plan meals, grocery shop or cook. He doesn't do flowers and flower beds.  He doesn't like to pack his lunch. He doesn't like things that go "mrrrppp" in the middle of the night. 

Therefore I was up at 4:45, walking, covered with a heavy blanket through our bedroom out into the house, closing all the doors to other rooms, and opening all the doors outside.   

We're really awake by this time.  I make some yogi hot tea. The tag says...

"When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen."

I begin to think about all the awesome miracles swirling around in the Universe.

The miracle of joining on the beach with the most perfect women.  One month later I am hearing about the good they are doing, the dreams they are pursuing, the change they are creating.  Really, these gals are superyogis.  No doubt about it.  Their mind is backed by will.

The miracle of Mama Alice.  Within a span of nine months she has gone from a stage four cancer diagnosis to being cancer free.  If anybody exemplifies what it's like to have a mind backed by will, it is Mama Alice.  Shew. You have no idea Friends.  I'm forever thankful that I've learned this from her.

The miracle of relationships.  I had the good fortune to spend the day yesterday with one of my favorite people, Miss Shelli Carpenter.  "Where do you see yourself in five years?"  That was our juicy topic of discussion over coffee.  We realized that it was just over five years ago when we were so new owning our yoga studios.  And that five years ago at this time we were undoubtedly talking about the upcoming retreat we were leading in Mexico (yes, Maya Tulum).  It was a huge risk for us.  Yet, we had not only one mind, but two minds, backed by will.  I'm preparing to lead my sixth annual yoga retreat at Maya Tulum in July.

This morning as a bat whizzed around me head, I had a mind backed by will. ;)

I can think of so many other stories where this has showed up in my life.   

How about you, what are the times in your life that you moved mountains with a mind backed by will?

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Fran Malone said...

Thank you for this post. Did you will the bat outside? Hope you found the entry point and seal it up or it will be back again!

Yes, I followed my will to learn Healing Touch and I am willing to be open to where this path leads. Nothing more and nothing less.

Blessings to you this day! (and to the bat also!)