Tuesday, May 29, 2012

show the world your magic

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This week for my life coach training we're focusing on what is one of my favorite topics.

Not just any genius, but your genius.
Yes, you.  I'm talking to you (and me).

I'm a big fan, huge fan, of purpose and passion.
I'm an advocate of doing things that makes your heart sing.
I'm a proponent of doing more of what makes your soul soar.

This topic, this exploration of genius was a gift to me from Grace, my life coach.  She also recommended the book "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks.  If you're interested in this topic it is a fascinating (and fairly quick read).

What exactly is all this talk about genius?  In The Big Leap, Gay says that in your Zone of Genius, you don't feel like you're working.  Even though  the time you spend there produces great financial abundance, you do not feel that you are expending effort to produce it.  In your Zone of Genius, work doesn't feel like work.  Time feels completely different.  Time doesn't fly....it flows."

Genius work is about diving deep into the essence of who you are and discovering something that you've been blessed with.

Yes, you're blessed with something....a quality, a trait that is pure and utter genius.

Genius is like your very own magic.
Genius is like your very own superpower.

I'm planning to write each day this week about this topic. If you want to play then simply begin by making a commitment to simply get curious about what your particular genius is.

To be curious is to be in a state of wonder.
To wonder is to be open,  to invite excitement, to feel  possibility.
To live and breathe in to possibility.....
Is to know that your dreams are conceivable and achievable.

Sound amazing?
I think so!

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