Sunday, May 20, 2012

I love a weekend birthday!

I love love love a weekend birthday!
Even more so when you are gifted with THE best weather ever.
Or at least this year. ;)

Much happiness was happening over here.  I would give you a rundown of the photos, but the Blogger App on my IPhone just randomly does as it wishes.


Andy woke me at 6:00 on my birthday singing the traditional Tessandori birthday song, sharing gifts, and bringing my hot tea to bed.  It's good to be treated like a yoga queen. ;)

I spent time in my yoga room Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
There was yoga, reading, journaling, and of course dancing.  See the first photo of my first dance
par-tee of my 35th year. 

We adopted a new puppy!  On my birthday.  Happpyyyy.  She will arrive at the big blue house on Wednesday.  Remy got to meet her and he seems to approve.

We went to Cincinnati and enjoyed Findlay Market (our first time there).  and went couch shopping.  We bought the one Andy is sitting on and it should arrive at the big blue house in early July.  We also went to the bookstore.  As always, I'm a happy camper at any bookstore.  Birthday bookstore browsing is pretty sweet. 

I got  three new books for my birthday.  Vegan Cooking for Carnivores (Andy is happy about this one), The Fire Started Sessions (love Danielle LaPorte), and Writing Down Your Soul (yay for yogish writing books).

I ate all sorts of delicious food.  Took lots of walks.  Talked to people I love. And reveled in getting to spend another glorrrious year living this thing called life.


Mia said...

Happiest of birthdays to you Sharon! Wishing you another juicy, inspired, and inspiring year :)

Kathy said...

May is a beautiful month for birthdays, I agree. Congratulations (that's what the Spanish say, instead of Happy Birthday, well, I think the say Happy Birthday too ;)!!!!

By the way, i really really really enjoy reading your blogs. I often read a bunch of yours for inspiration and to get in the blogging mood before writing one of my blogs. Hasta Luego