Saturday, May 05, 2012

random ramblings

Been spending lots of time with this guy this week. Walks, talks, cuddles, and extra treats for him. 
Sunshine, strawberries, and blooming iris.  I like it.
Students in the 4:00 Community Yoga class.  Two yogi mamas brought their daughters and they were just delightful....smiles, giggles, and all.  At the end of class they asked if they could use "the tools"....the singing bowl and bells.  Too cute.
Friday I spent time cooking, enjoying wine, writing, and staring out my dining room window.
Thursday morning yogis rockin' out the 9:15 class.
Loving all the bright colors outside the studio at Sunshine Grow Shop.

What a great week?!  I'm so appreciating all things hOMe, studio, yoga, Andy & Remy since Sunday.  I kept my schedule light and open.  I taught four classes.  Have stayed connected to the outer banks yoga gals via our private facebook page.  Signed up for a book conference through The Carnegie Center.  Ordered training photos (so much fun).  Reorganized the pantry.  Cooked!  I cooked twice this week.  Missed this while I was gone.  Perusing plane tickets for a trip to California next month and Mexico in July.  Skyped with Babaji.  Enjoyed drinks with Andy at the wine bar.  Took a yoga class (thanks Kate, you are awesome) Spent time at Panera with yogini buds.

Had a moment yesterday of feeling totally and utterly content.  Was certainly feeling sweet santosha (contentment).

Wishing all of you a great weekend.  We've got The Kentucky Derby (I bet on Rousing Sermon and Creative Cause), Cinco De Mayo, and a can it not be?

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