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what is your zone of genius?

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In exploring genius-ness we can also look at the ways we're currently using our energy, time, and resources.  We explored this in February at my life coach training and I just ate it up!  It's about looking at the ways in which you currently use your energy, doing some investigative around different zones, and committing  to living more in the zone of genius.

In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks writes of four different zones:

1.  The Zone of Incompetence
2.  The Zone of Competence
3.  The Zone of Excellence
4.  The Zone of Genius

The zone of incompetence is made up of activities that you're simply not good at.  I agree with Miss Danielle LaPorte that being "well rounded" is just a little over rated.  I know that I don't excel at certain things.  I'm ok with it.  Call it incompetent, call it what you want. 

For example, I'm a hot mess when it comes to "setting things up."  I can barely work the TV remote.  I despise setting up computer and printers.  I can pretty much bank on a boatload of frustration when I  have wires in hand that rely on me plugging them into the right hole in order to work.

Another example is keeping the studio clean.  Terrible.  Horrible keeper cleaner of the treehouse I am.  For a while I insisted on doing it (because I struggled "justifying" paying someone else to do something I could do).  It didn't get done often enough.  I didn't do a good job.  I didn't enjoy it. 

Finally I got it.  Someone else is a genius at cleaning.  That is the thing they totally rock.  Just so happens that one day at the treehouse I saw a car with a sign on the door that read "OCD Cleaning".  I met Debbie in the parking lot and she's been cleaning the studio since then.

Tuesday she was cleaning the studio.  I was happily writing.  Before she left she walked all around the studio floor.  Seeking out any last lil dust bunnies.  Looking for any spots that were not shiny and sparkly.  She does this every time.  I see where the OCD part of her cleaning comes from.

I deeply deeply appreciate her.  She is a genius at something I'm incompetent.  I just love that.

One more example (cause I'm clearly incompetent in more than one area) is moving furniture.  Last week Andy and I helped BFF and her husband move furniture in the nursery (they have a baby girl Ruby coming!).  Andy and I have both come to realize we're pretty incompetent when it comes to moving furniture.  It's a good thing we're both relatively strong, cause our minds most definitely don't work in the way of angling, turning, and maneuvering furniture. Not. At. All. Thank god we barely owned any furniture when we bought our first house in Texas.  With no outside help, we probably would have ripped half the walls down.  Plus we get frustrated in the process and have a tendency to use all sorts of colorful four letter words.  It's not pretty.  If we ever leave the big blue house we'll need movers.

Your turn......

What are the things you're simply no good at?

What are the thing you don't enjoy?

What do you insist on doing that others can do better?

Next we have the zone of competence.  These are the things you can do, but others can do them just as well.  It's taken me a good amount of time, yet slowly but surely, I've been delegating the things that I'm just competent at (mostly in my work life).  Two things come to mind for me in this area.  One is paperwork that accumulates at the studio.  Thank god our paperwork is mostly just a one page waiver.  It would likely me an utter mess otherwise.  Sure, I could enter the data into our software.  Not a problem.  But I procrastinated.  It didn't get entered in a timely fashion.  I didn't enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it.  Did I mention....

I didn't enjoy it.

This is something I've delegated.  Again, so deeply thankful for this.

Quickbooks and general accounting I also put in the category.  I can do it.  I'm competent.  But it's the same as data entry to me.  I'm amazed by some people in this area.  Again, BFF is a genius at this.  She has a business.  Her book-keeping, Quick-booking wizardy skills are ahhhmazing.  Pure genius.  Not a surprise, her checkbook stays balanced to the penny. If she's off by five cents she can't rest until she knows where the error is. 

Really?  I'm amazed that people like this even exist because it's so far out of my range. 

What are the things you insist on doing just because you can? 

It might be as painful as having a tooth pulled, but can do it.  Mama didn't raise me not to do something I'm fully capable of doing.  God gave me hands to use them, right?

Yep, all conversations I've had with myself.  I'm over it.

What are the things you are doing in which you are on auto-pilot, just going through the motions?

Lastly, how much time and energy are you spending in the zones of incompetence and competence?

{Seeing that this post is getting rather long, I'll save the next two zones and write on them this weekend}

Have a delicious weekend Friends.  Cheers to you and your genius-ness.

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