Thursday, June 21, 2012

the good stuff

A few things rocking my yoga boat over the past week:

twice a day naps
more naps
feeling like being in a cocoon
serendipitous moments
sitting with babaji
copal incense
ganesha & hanuman adorned daily with flowers
taking self portraits
the joy that comes from doing nothing
twice a day meditation
waking to the sound of chanting
going to bed to the sounds of nature
witnessing the beautiful yoga teacher a past student has become
delicious silent meals while sitting outside under a tree
reconnecting with students from mexico training over
the feeling of happiness finding me
picking strawberries from a garden and eating them under the umbrella of a weeping willow tree
nooks outside in nature with amazing views
walks down country roads where grapes are growing everywhere I look
and hellos
adventures with public transportation
greeting grace
exquisite bathrooms
feelings of anticipation
yoga with oooh's and ahhh's, smiles, bopping and swaying
longing for Andy and the big blue house
a room with widows galore, rugs, and a bed of pillows
seeing beautiful faces, exchanging hugs
excitement abound
seated on the floor, soaking up being a student
a video that nearly made me a weepy mess
aha's coming fast and furious
realizing there is enough of everything
a cold beer after a long day that whizzed by with whirl
communal cooking and meals and music and delicious conversation
settling in and knowing you're one lucky girl

cause tomorrow you get to do it all over again.

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