Saturday, February 04, 2012

scenes from sanderling inn

Let me say quickly that my photos here do this place little justice. Now that we've got that behind us let me gush for a few moments about this jewel.

The Sanderling Inn is spread out over 12 acres at the edge of Duck. On one side where the inn and guest rooms are you have the Atlantic Ocean. A stones throw, or a walk across the two lane road you have a few more facilities including a reallllly great spa. On this side you have views of the Corrituck Sound. I had an amazing view of the Sound plus a setting sun yesterday during my massage.

I spent most of my time today reading, writing, and walking the beach. I did go out once to measure distances from the house for yoga teacher training to restaurants, grocery store and so on. After all, doing the prep/planning work for our upcoming intensive yoga teacher training is my whole purpose in being here.

So yes, The Sanderling Inn. Everything has been phenomenal. My room, the food, and the staff? They have been superb. Each person I run across asks me how my stay is going and if I need anything. I love good customer service and they are excelling.

My massage and time at the spa was great. I spent three hours at the spa yesterday between hot tubbing, pool swimming (indoor heated pool, getting my massage then lounging in the "whisper zone" with delish tea (Barney & Sons, a fave) and magazines.

I was out on the beach walking three times today. Once at sunrise, after breakfast, then after lunch. I did yoga in my room then went for "tea time" for what else....more tea. And cookies. I read and wrote in my journal. I sat a while on one side and enjoyed water views of the sound then moved across to other side and enjoyed views of the ocean. Divine.

I went back to the spa tonight to do all the above minus the massage (other yumminess is included in your nightly rate). Ordered room service for the second night in a row (feeling a bit spoiled) and turned the tv on for the first time. To watch what? The Cats game of course. ;)

I'm planning to wake up early tomorrow. Have one more rendezvous with the ocean. Blow Her a kiss, explain I'll be back in over two months with precious yoginis, then hammer down and head back home to The Big Blue House. I could care less about the Superbowl game but I don't want to miss Madonna's performance.

More sharing how this all relates to yoga teacher training next week. I have some more relaxing to do. Love to you all. xoxo

Today's sunrise. Love. Love.Love

Tea time and journaling with a view of the ocean and a cozy fire.

Gift from the sea. One of my walks was a treasure hunt.

Steel cut oats with all the toppings for breakfast plus a great read and time for writing.

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