Thursday, February 02, 2012

here i go again.....

Last night I threw some clothes and books into a weekend bag. Printed off directions and went to bed feeling a wee excited about my spontaneous road trip.

This morning I taught my 9:15 class, met with someone interested in joining the studio for yoga, had a quick lunch, then filled the tank with gas and hit the open road.

Could there be a more perfect day for a road trip? I think not. I've felt light and happy driving on the big road. The sun so bright, the sky so blue, with perfect white fluffy clouds. I'm diggin' on bright and blue. Can go for some light and happy.

Thoughts on my mind, music on the radio. And the most perfect music is coming on the radio. If I had better planned I'd have made a playlist with fabulous driving tunes, but......well I didn't plan that well.

Instead I'm getting to hear Madonna, sing "Vogue."
And the big hair band with the hot girl that dances on the hood of the car singing,
Here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I've ever known."

On I-64 I see a sigh that says Lewsiburg was one of the "coolest small towns in America in 2011". How many times are you passing through one of the coolest small towns in America? Not that often I figure.

So I made a stop. Oh, it's cute here. I mean, cool. We've got two bookstores, wine shops, cafes, health food store, and a coffee shop in which I'm writing from now. All nuzzled into the mountains.

I have no hotel booked so I'll see where I land tonite. I do however have a destination....

The Outer Banks.
Yep doing a lil prepping and planning for the intensive yoga teacher training coming up. Yip!

Have I mentioned that I love my job?

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