Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to love many things

"But I always think that the best way
to know God is to love many things."
~Vincent Van Gogh

It's possible my first love was the Sun.
Even now few things delight and inspire me as I see the dawn of a new day.
I watch the way the light of the Sun dances across each and every day.
Always different. Some days are dark and some are light.
They are equally beautiful and relevant in my eyes.

I met my second love during my sophomore year in high school, the Ocean of course.
Few things help me to feel so big, so open, so expanded.
Yet so small, so integrated, so connected.
She too is never the same. Sometimes she is quiet and calm.
At times she growls and causes a big stir.
I've never witnessed any stage, any way of Being when she wasn't perfect.

I met my third love at the tender age of 21, Andy of course.
Few things bring me the comfort of going to bed and waking next to him.
We danced at bars, climbed mountains, and took spontaneous roadtrips.
We turned into adults, but not entirely.
We laughed and cried, rallied one another,
got confused about love more than a time or two.
We collect magic rocks and dig deep in our pockets for rainbows.
I am his RebelGirl and he is my RuleMaker.
Nearly 14 years together. Each and every day different.
All perfectly imperfect.

I met my fourth love at the confused age of 25, Yoga that is.
I'm sure I'd never felt to connected to my own body before that first class.
And that was just the beginning of a brilliant relationship.
What I discovered buried underneath my wants, desires, needs, hurt, fear, confusion, my inspiration and aspirations, was most magical.
It was pure and whole.
It was without blemishes, crystal clear, and utterly complete.
It was my highest, sweetest Self.

It is through the sun, and moon, the wind and the stars that I know Love.
It is through the mystery and the magic that exists in life that I know Love.
It is through the simplicity of complexity of being in relationship with others that I know Love.
It is through the beauty of words, of the poetry of the body that I know Love.
It is through my deep driving desire to connect to mySelf that I know Love.

Maybe Van Gogh was on to something.....

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