Wednesday, February 01, 2012

hellooooo february!

January is over! Big sigh of relief. Shew. While I do deeply appreciate the significance of a new year and the idea of a fresh, clean slate I have to admit that I'm more prone to feeling heavier, and a touch sad at this time of year.

January was a month of high's and low's. Andy and I said goodbye to our beloved dog Bella. We got the amazing news that my Mama's first scan post cancer treatment was all clear.

I am so grateful for not only the people that support me, but the practices that support me, especially yoga, meditation, and contemplation.

I've spent a lot of time at home this month and it's been really refreshing. While I have been hibernating more at home I have been busy pondering and planning for the year on personal and professional levels. That's so much fun.

Envisioning what I want to see unfold at the studio is a big part of that. One of the things I want for the studio and our community are more experiences with teachers coming to share their knowledge, their goodness with the yogis in Lexington.

I'm so thrilled to collaborate with Cindy at The Massage Center in hosting Wah (yes Wah!) at the treehouse on March 13. Leeann Carey is coming back to the studio in March also. I'm in coordinating to bring Babaji (the spiritual teacher at Sonoma Ashram who is expanding and enriching my life in the best of ways) to our community this summer. I'm chatting with a special teacher at Kripalu about coming down to Lexington. Totally awesome. I can't wait to share these experiences with all of you.

You can also look forward to your favorite teachers at the studio inspiring you during daily yoga classes, a new yoga nidra class that will occur once a month, an 8 week Buddhist studies class starting, and new workshops including meditation and yoga + life coaching.

Personally I've got plans for retreating and refueling in Sonoma. Spending time with Andy in Mexico. Taking more weekend trips with my family (we're off to the Smoky Mountains next weekend to celebrate Mama Alice). Doing some re-decorating at The Big Blue House. Perfecting Thai and Indian curries. Becoming more awake and conscious in all of my relationships. Expanding into life coaching. More awesomeness.

I believe in the power of the moment. I also believe in the power of contemplating your future and stepping into it.

What is your heart longing for this year?
Who do you want to meet or spend more time with?

What do you want to learn?

What are the trips you want to take?

What are the experiences you want to have?

What brings you joy and how can you do more of that?

How do you want to spend your time?

What area of your life needs your time and attention?

Knowing what your heart is longing for is so valuable. When you decide what you're being called towards you can better direct your time, money, and effort. It also helps you to direct your attention and get really clear on the thoughts and beliefs that support your intentions.

Is all of this yoga? Absolutely, positively YES. The ancient yogis were continually studying themselves and learning as a result. Now that's a lesson truly worth learning.

So I ask you, what is your heart longing for this year?

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