Sunday, January 29, 2012

picking pearls

One of the many simple yet profound teachings I'm learning from Babaji is the art of picking pearls.

Picking pearls is to recall, to remind yourself of all the good in your life, of the blessings in which to express gratitude.

Picking pebbles to to recall, to remind yourself of all that is bad in your life, of all the sh*t in which to wallow in.

So today friends, as you lay in bed before drifting off to sleep I invite you to pick a few pearls and hold them tightly to your heart.

Here are just a few of mine:

*A husband that gifts me with a card in the shape of a fave word (believe) and a "trash" mag. Reminding me that I am good, I do good, and the world is good.

*A sunny Sunday and a long walk with Andy and Remy.

*Lots of yoga newbies walking through the big magic door at the treehouse.

*New dreams and projects coming together with ease.

*Upcoming road trips.

*A cabin in the Smoky Mountains to celebrate a healthy, cancer free Mama Alice.

*Seeing red and pink and all things love in the stores. Yes I know that Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday but I don't care. I love Love.

*Blue Moon & Mellow Mushroom.

*Honeybell oranges.

*Reveling in BFF's happiness.

*The sound of chopping veggies. The taste of homemade goodness.

*A new lush bomb that promises to turn my bath the same color blue as the ocean.

*A new found love of promises and commitments and the power of keeping both.

*Taking classes at the treehouse and feeling like such a lucky lady to have such awesomeness around me both in the form of teachers and fellow students.

*Collaborating with The Massage Center and hosting the one and only Wah!

*The therapy that comes in the form of a good book and putting pen to paper.

*Yogis trusting me with their stories.

*A warm bed and a morning routine that include a dog sleeping close by, hot tea, and inspiring words to listen to and take page after page of notes.

*My desire to know myself and make change as needed.

*Staying present when it would be much easier to run away.

*Mary Oliver and her way with words that continually inspire me.

*How good it feels to make good choices for my body.

*A trip to Mexico that's on the horizon and a yoga retreat that is filling up beautifully.

*Kind cards and letters I've recently gotten in the mail that make me feel like the people in my world are simply the best.

*A hOMe that I absolutely love. As the sun bounces onto my bedroom walls I say to Andy, "I love the color of our bedroom. It reminds of the color of a cottage by the sea."

How about you, what pearls are you picking these days?

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