Friday, January 06, 2012

things i want to say....

There is so much swirling around over here in my mind and in my heart here of lately. BUT today is not the day to fully explore them as I am preparing to lead the yoga retreat at Shaker Village this weekend. Big yay, I am sooo excited to meet, mingle, and explore yoga on and off the mat and how it can be a guiding force for us in the new year. Eighteen of us gathering to do good work so please think of us. :)

So yes, so much to say.....


How thankful I am for all the notes I've recently received on FB and by email from my yogi tribe. You are a kind, thoughtful, and compassionate bunch and I can think of no other tribe I'd gather be associated with. You continue to amaze me.

How I'm trying on the word "wholehearted" to serve as my anchor, my inspiration, my theme for the year, and my guiding force for my thoughts, words, and actions.

The recent passing of sweet Bella and how witnessing my husband's heart crack open is changing me in ways I didn't expect.

How I feel deep in my bones that life is not out to get me but out to teach me everything I need to learn.

How my Mom celebrated her birthday this week and how I've never felt so thankful for a birthday in all my life.

How inspiration comes in the form of books. Knowledge comes from a deep understanding of our experiences. And wisdom is how we embody those experiences and what we do with them.

How I've given myself permission to ease my way into the year. How I'm putting my natural tendency to rush and plan the year out to rest for a while.

How I'm flexing my "speaking my truth" muscles in a honest, yet kind and compassionate way.

The teacher who is shaping the way I teach and live.

The recent synchroniciites in life and how they affirm that everything does indeed happen for a reason.

Rich stuff indeed.

Wishing all of you a wonder*full weekend.


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