Friday, February 17, 2012

babaji speaks on being wholehearted

I just finished listening to a recording of one of Babaji's discussions at Sonoma Ashram. I nearly jumped out of my bed and did a lil dance when I heard him say,

"Engage in something wholeheartedly."

He mentioned that when we are engaged wholeheartedly there is no resistance. There is no holding back. There is no doubt.

Wholehearted is my word for the year. As I attentively listened and wrote ferociously in my notebook I would throw the occasional, "Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!" in there. As well as "Wow!"

He went on to speak of three things used in yogic teachings, three things to utilize once you wholeheartedly devote yourself to something:

1. Good thoughts and intention
2. Actions that support said intention
3. Speech and words that support said intention

He asks "How many things do we engage in wholeheartedly? No wishing to be anywhere different, nor doing anything different? What in our life can we engage in wholeheartedly? It's not a chore, not an obligation, not a duty, or responsibility."

A part in which I write "yes" numerous times and follow it up with exclamation points he says, "Wishing is not enough. My actions have to follow. What I say, what I put out has to follow. Holding intention is not enough. It has to be a part of my being."

At the end of the discussion (which for me is about 7 pages of my lefthanded scribbling) he goes back to his original question...

"What is it in our life that supports all three? I think this is a good thing to do. By doing it I feel good. When speaking of it I am there wholeheartedly."

I couldn't help but think of my love affair with yoga. I thought about how I have literally dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the practice and the philosophy of yoga. Then I could clearly see how I utilized the three aspects Babaji spoke of (good intentions, followed by action, followed by a passionate voice for the yogic teachings).

Such goodness to ponder.

What are the things and the people I'm wholeheartedly dedicated to?

Are my thoughts, my actions, and my speech helpful? Do they make in a difference in my life, in the lives of others?

Have a delicious weekend Friends.

*Above photo taken during one of Babaji's discussions at Sonoma Ashram. AND if you didn't hear, Sonoma Ashram is the location for our fall intensive yoga teacher training. Yep, I'm feeling pretty very excited, a little nervous, very humbled, and so thank-full.*

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