Saturday, November 26, 2011

my future tiny cottage

Today Misty and I laundered the blankets at the studio. You can now snuggle your face into fresh blankets that enjoyed a day at the spa. :)

After loading the blankets into the gigantic washers we dashed over to Panera for a little treat (we were doing such a good deed afterall). Misty and I were having many lovely conversations.

One particularly juicy one was on living in another place. Misty asks me, "If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?"

I paused, and thought for at least three whole seconds before answering, "Tulum".

When Andy and I moved back to KY from Texas I used up my one time quit your job, sell your house, and move back across the US card. While I love travel, and change, and all things new my husband doesn't adapt as easily.

So we've compromised and said that one fine day we'd love to have a lil vacation home.

Fast forward a few hours. I've burned the spiced pumpkin seeds and Andy has ran around our house screaming in victory, celebrating a big UK win.

I go upstairs and open the door to my oh so sweet yoga room. Yep, at this time my yoga room gets the most amazing light. I spend an hour in a delicious slow flow. I had no intention of kicking my own yoga butt. Sweet. soothing, feel good movement and poses.

At the end I sat up and quietly sat for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes, I landed on my vision board in the corner. The phrase "practice in paradise" is there with a lovely cabin in the woods.

My mind immediately goes to the cottage I saw earlier this week on Kimberly's blog.
My heart immediately went pitter patter.
A tiny cottage in the woods.
A reallly tiny cottage in the woods.

Is that not the cutest thing in the world? Quick, look.
Cute, huh?

So yes, a tiny cottage such as this on the beach in Tulum (ok it will need some cement and certainly a thatch roof of some sort).

Or a tiny cottage in the woods, somewhere in KY where we could be there in a few hours drive. And close to a stream. Andy and I both need to see and hear a creek of some sort.

Yep, this tiny cottage will certainly find its way to my vision board.

If you could have a vacation home, where would it be?

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