Tuesday, November 29, 2011

two healthy 10 minute meals

Beun dia amigos!

Last night I was driving home from teaching at the studio. I was so hungry I nearly ate my arm off at several stop lights.

I knew that I better get a quick dinner plan together or it was not gonna be good. For me or Andy. Not only was I more likely to eat something unhealthy but I was more likely to be a major miss cranky pants. Yep, that happens when I get realllly hungry.

I recalled the delicious looking sweet potatoes I bought at the grocery on Sunday. Usually I buy super big potatoes to slice and roast but I thought we might like to have some for baking. Perfect.

Then I remembered how much I love black beans with sweet potatoes and I was suddenly happy due to my uber quick dinner plan. Not even the traffic on Nicholasville Rd. made me a miss cranky pants. ;)

And this meal....ahhh so quick. We're talking less than 10 minutes.

I microwaved the sweet potato, taking about five minutes.
I sliced it apart and added salsa and black beans (rinsed a can of beans).
Put it back in for about another minute.
Added a touch more salsa and some spices (salt, pepper, and my kapha seasoning).

In less than 10 minutes I was sitting at the table, eating, and happy as a clam.

I finished eating and started to put the black beans in a container but felt inspired to make something with them so Andy and I could have the makings of lunch today.

I made another quick meal, a black bean and corn salad.

It was essentially black beans, corn, bell pepper, and garlic.
I added olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, cayenne, cilantro, salt and pepper.

This may have taken a touch more than ten minutes due to some slicing, but not more more.

What are your fave quick, easy, healthy and yummy things to make in a pinch?

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