Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thankful for.....

thankful for
the 33rd treatment on 11.11.11
monkey dance parties
and the mask that will be made into art.

thankful for
brick walls and beautiful spaces
seats by the window
hillbilly tea
and triples shot soy lattes
cozy chairs by the fire
and city girl farm coffee

thankful for
candid conversation on competition
a challenge to think bigger
commitments to take care of body, mind, heart
and reframing the idea of contentment

thankful for
lyrics and rhythms that move me to tears
the ability to pause and repeat
sound of rain on a boxcar
and finding my voice again
over and over

thankful for
time to declutter and organize
the inner and the outer
colorful embroidery Mexico
an old pink lamp that is new to me
that lights my way in the early morning

thankful for
sincere, compassionate
thoughtful, grateful students
who inspire me
to learn more
do more
be more

thankful for
husband and wife secret language
a future thanksgiving gathering
mountain top sitting
possible moonshine sipping
in a hot tub
wedged deep in the heart of Appalachia
our very own hillbilly tea

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