Monday, November 28, 2011

leeann carey coming to lexington!

I'm so very delighted that Leeann Carey is coming back to Lexington December 9-11. Big yay! This weekend is a must for yoga teachers and students wanting to dive deeper into their yoga practice.

If you haven't experienced Leeann's awesomeness then you can get a small taste here with her videos. And you can read some really insightful articles here too.

Happy to say that the early bird registration has been extended until Dec. 1 Click here to register.
We've also added an option so that folks that can't commit to three days can still come get the yoga love. Come and enjoy a day or two for $150 per day. If you want to do this please let me know and bring cash or check (made to Leeann Carey Yoga) when you come. Easy peasy!

Below is the general outline although it may vary a bit depending on how the flow of the training is going:

Friday, 9am - 6pm: Intro to Yaapana Yoga, Purpose, Practice, DOING, BEING, STILL (Strong static and Relaxing poses held with support, and Savasana) Holding Patterns, Safe Alignment Skills, Key Positioning Skills

Saturday 9am - 6pm: Pose breakdowns/Modifications for therapeutic results, "DOING" standing poses, Pose breakdowns/Modifications for therapeutic results, "DOING" Backbend Poses, "DOING" Inverted Poses, "DOING" Seated Poses

Sunday, 9am - 6pm: Pose breakdowns/Modifications for therapeutic results, "BEING" Standing Poses, "BEING" Backbend Poses, "BEING" Inverted poses
Pose breakdowns/Modifications for therapeutic results, "BEING" Seated Poses, "BEING" Prone Poses, "STILL" Savasana, Yaapana sequencing and Class Mapping

*Manual not included if only taking a segment of the training.*

I'm so excited about stepping onto my yoga mat and being a student for three whole days. Whhheeee!

Local students, we won't be having class the 10th and 11th. Us yoga teachers need time to hone our teaching skills so we can be even better teachers to you. :)

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