Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a simple practice...you got one?

This morning I did my simple practice.

Actually it didn't even begin with that. It started with me getting up at 6:30 and going straight to my computer and returning a few emails I thought "had to be done" right then.

This is not my "normal" and it's not what I want to be doing every morning. Especially on a beautiful morning like today (and yesterday in which I did the same thing).

The truth was I didn't even feel like getting out and doing my normal walk in the cemetery. I thought about my other love, my yoga room and my special, special practice. And I wasn't compelled to do that either.

With everything that's swirling around I'm feeling a little off balance. Usually when we're "off" in some way, we don't feel compelled to do the things that make us to feel good. Or is that just tme?

Why is that? Do you find that true?

When I saw what was happening I immediately removed myself from the pinktop.

I marched myself upstairs, still in my robe. I lit my candle. Sat myself down on my yoga mat. Closed my eyes. Settled myself. And began repeating my mantra.

About 10 minutes later I realized I did in fact want to do some yoga. I knew a little would be better than none. And I remain committed to the fact that all we really need to make a difference in body, energy, mind, and heart are simple poses. A simple practice. Even if it's in a robe.

Yes sometimes I like to do fancy pants sequences and give myself a good challenge. Truth is, right now I'm feeling challenged enough.

I needed my practice to be short, sweet, and simple.

So I went to my three go to poses...down dog, yoga squat (malasana), standing forward bend. I stood in mountain pose for a long time. I then did three half sun salutations, and three lunge back salutes.

I finished standing in mountain pose, eyes closed. I say a prayer. Blow out the candle and begin the day in a much more balanced way. Green furry robe and all.

How about you, do you have a go to practice? Yoga or otherwise? What are the minimum "things" practices you do when feeling a lil off?

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