Monday, August 01, 2011

the scoop on the cleanse - week one

Andy and I are now one week into our three week cleanse. Yay! This is a photo I snapped yesterday after going and refilling on veggies and fruit. I just asked Andy the most challenging part of the cleanse for him and his response is "not being able to eat at night." Poor guy. Andy has always been a snacker at night. Usually opting for a big bowl of cereal before bedtime.

Drinking your meals, consistently over a few days (like 7 so far) does take some getting used to, I agree.

Andy says that the best part of the cleanse has been eating meals with me. With the cleanse we're only eating out if we really need to (like Saturday in Louisville, but we stayed cleanse friendly with our meals). So we are sitting at our table at least once a day for lunch and joining each other for our liquid breakfast and dinner. I cook, Andy sets the table and brings everything out, then he cleans up afterwards.

I had made a few new things, which is fun for me and Andy has reallly been lovin' my veggie cooking. I'm not quite sure if it's because the food it truly that wonderful or if he's just that hungry and that happy to chew on food. Perhaps a combination of both. ;)

We have had some yummy meals like this detox pizza, guacamole, and veggies. The pizza is made with Ezekiel sprouted tortillas and piled high with veggies.
And sauteed sesame asparagus with chickpeas serves with a BIG salad with lotso veggies.

Andy and I both agree that the most rewarding aspect so far is that we've each lost six pounds. And I'm really enjoying the whole part of planning for meals, shopping for fresh food (it feels so satisfying limiting my shopping mostly to the produce section), prepping, and then making smoothies and food.

I admit that it takes quit a bit a time. Not so much the actual making of the food, especially the smoothies, but the other parts...the planning, shopping a few times a week, and doing all the slicing and dicing. I'm feeling very grateful that I can work from home most of the time and be at the studio for teaching. This makes it much easier for me. Not that it would be impossible of course.

Alright, we're officially into week two now which is pretty exciting! Go,go, go.....

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