Monday, August 01, 2011

on thriving

Julie Ransdell shares what it means for her to thrive. As we welcome a new month (welcome August!) we say goodbye to our theme of "thrive" and hello to "trust". Its not too late to take a few moments and ponder the things you did in July that brought you health and happiness and helped you to thrive. For me it was an amazing time in Mexico sharing my love of yoga and all things Tulum and coming home and starting a cleanse with Andy. Enjoy these heartfelt and wise words from an amazing yogini, Julie.....

As I ponder the word, thrive, I automatically think of prayer. In my life, when I am truly thriving, I am praying daily. Whether the prayer occurs in my car during 5:00 traffic, at night just before bed or during savasana at the closing of a yoga class, I am filled with energy from my spirit and the great spirit around me. To me, prayer isn't just kneeling at the foot of my bed with hands clasped together, asking God to do something for me (though that is how it happens sometimes), but prayer is when I stop to breathe. It is when I flow through sun salutations. It is when I bring awareness to my thoughts, slow them down and be in the moment. When I am consistently doing these things, I am thriving. My body feels lighter, my mind is less distracted and my heart is joyful.

I recently began a morning routine that is slowly but surely becoming a much needed ritual. I wake when my alarm goes off, no hitting snooze, no moaning and groaning, just stepping out of bed and taking a peak out of my window. I roll out my mat, breathe, stretch and get my coffee going. Sometimes I step onto my deck just for a few moments and take in the smells and sights of my backyard. Just these simple actions have changed the way I walk through my day, allowing me to take a little more time with everything I do, breathe a little easier, and thrive daily, knowing that I'm a work in progress.

This month, I plan to take steps towards a more fulfilled life by first, taking the time to organize my house. My husband and I have been there for over a year now and I believe that bringing a little more order to our home will allow us to open up just a bit more in our space. I plan to add some refreshing colors to our home, something that will make us feel calm and inspired each day. Bringing a freshness to my home is always a great way to keep thriving. Second, I'm going to eat the fruits of mine and my husband's labor by cooking with the veggies harvested in our backyard garden! To continue to thrive, one must eat veggies and veggies straight from the land that you dug and planted and watered is something truly special and sustaining.

Thriving to me is being consistent with your values and your beliefs. When I'm praying and keeping in touch with the Creator of my being as well as the heart of my soul, living becomes thriving. When I'm taking good care of my home and making room for color and openness, when I'm cooking in my kitchen with whole foods fresh from the land, living becomes thriving. When I nod gently to every person in a way that honors them, living becomes thriving.


Sarah Whitaker said...

So wise and beautiful. Your deepest spirit is definitely thriving!

Jen said...

How inspiring -- thank you for sharing!