Sunday, June 26, 2011

why did i wait so long?

You should know that I am having to try really hard not to call this post...oh the deliciousness, part II.

Seems it's been a weekend of good ol' fashion fun and much of it revolving around food. Andy and I woke this morning and went to our most fave breakfast spot of all, Alfalfa's. I had two delish pancakes and veggie sausage. Yum-O.

After a delightful meal we stopped at the Farmer's Market off of Southland. We saw cutie yogini Shannon and proceeded to fill our lil pink bag with all sorts of goodies.

We got two batches of fresh pasta from Lexington Pasta, zucchini, collard greens, garlic, and a bucket of peaches. We scooted over to the Co-op and got some more goodness. It's such an awesome feeling spending your money and supporting local farmers and businesses. Plus getting fresh and healthy food. I can't claim to do it all the time (cause I don't) but I love it when I do, therefore want to commit to doing it more often.

I made the pasta this evening for dinner and I have one question for myself.

"How can you live here this long and NEVER bought from Lexington Pasta?"
Well, they've only been open two years, but.....

Oh.My.Gosh. This was quite possibly the best pasta I've ever made. So quick (only have to cook two flippin' minutes!). So simple. So easy (a lil olive oil and Parmesan cheese). So very good.

I served it with a spinach salad with tomato, peaches, and pine nuts. Seems like quite the odd combo but Andy and I really liked it.

We took one bite of the pasta and Andy's first questions was, "Is there more left?" to which I responded, "No but we have some more to cook later this week." We then proceeded to eat without speaking although we made quite a variety of sounds you make when you are happily devouring your food.

We bought the garlic and herbs which we had today and tomato basil which we'll enjoy later this week.

I was late in getting on the fresh pasta boat, but I'm oh so glad I did.

And happy that I spent a good hour in my hot yoga room working up a good sweat. :)

Happy Sunday friends, hope you've had a great one.

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paigerdoodle said...

I personally thinkg the garlic and herb is their best pasta! Best with just a touch of olive oil so you can truly taste the deliciousness. A good salad, also an odd combination, is spinach with watermelon, avocado, and a honey vinegarette. yum! -paige