Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the softer side of courage

A day like today reminds me of the softer more unspoken part of courage. It's not even noon here at the studio and yet it's quite dark outside. I've got the lamps turned on and the incense burning. If feels warm and cozy.

As a type this I hear thunder and the rain returns. Everything is cool and the there is an abundant presence of water. All are more feminine, more yin, more cooling characteristics.

Typically courage is thought of as being bold, fiery and hot. It's certainly a more masculine way of being. It's more yang.

As I prepare to teach my noon class we will work in rhythm with what's happening outside. We'll enjoy a quieter practice, perhaps opting for moon (chandra) salutations instead of the regular sun (surya) salutations.

Lastly I am reminded that courage has a softer side too. Sometimes saying no appears to be a lack of courage, when it actuality it could be the most courageous thing you could do. Courage doesn't have to be live out loud and oh so bold.

Courage can be quiet yet powerful.
Soft yet strong.
Unclear and all-knowing.


Omie Wise said...

Rebecca recommended I read this post today and I'm so glad I did. And so glad of your role in my life.

Sharon Tessandori said...

Thanks Omie. :) Glad the words I shared helped you in some small way. Where do you live?