Monday, June 27, 2011

excitement + overwhelm

Today I'm feeling equal parts excitement and overwhelm. I've got about a thousand things floating around in my mind.

Excited about the fantastic events coming up at the studio.
Overwhelmed by the things that need to be done for said events at studio.

Excited about fun additions to my day, doing things I love most (hint, writing + yoga teacher training).
Overwhelmed by the new additions and wondering how they'll fit on what feels like a full yoga plate.

Excited about sharing the awesomeness of Ayurveda.
Overwhelmed by where to begin.

Excited about being in Tulum in less that two weeks and sharing yoga with 20 people from all over. Excited about those ruins and that water above. Heaven.
Overwhelmed by what needs to be done before I arrive in paradise.

Was excited to spend the day with a dear yoga friend tomorrow.
But the overwhelm won and I had to cancel. Or was that guilt? Or a combination of the two?

Excited to spend the holiday weekend in Owensboro with The Tessandoris.
Overwhelmed by what needs to be done before Friday.

So today (again) I'm practicing the gentle art of taking it all in. Knowing that every single bit of it is temporary, both the feelings of excitement and overwhelm.

I'm taking care of myself in the process. Woke up early and spent time taking are of myself by journaling and doing my practice. While ago I took a break and had an apple and strawberries. I sat at the table by the window. Eating without distraction, unless you count gazing out at the sky, trees, and green grass a distraction. I've walked with the dogs in the cemetery, and I'm taking breaks as needed. I've had a bit too much caffeine, but oh well.

One by one, bit by bit, task by task, I do the things I need to in order to accomplish what I need to. Then the tough part of sitting back and seeing what unfolds.

And know that it will all get done. And it will be fine. I'll be fine.

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