Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh the deliciousness

Today has been a magnificent day. Filled with everything good. I started the day at the yoga studio, arriving before 8:00 so I would have time for a practice. I did so then had a cup of the green smoothie I brought from home (spinach, strawberries, and watermelon).

Class felt really sweet this morning with nearly 20 yogis joining me on a beautiful Saturday morning. I told them at the beginning of class, "this is going to be a fairly simple class with no fancy sequences. Simple poses with extra attention to what we're feeling."

Seems that several students thought simple = easy. Uhhh, not so much. Sorry yogis.;) I had several students say to me after class, "I should have known the half sun salutations at the beginning of class was a ploy." I also heard a "Thanks for handing my ass over to me." But each and every one of them was totally awesome. They can hang with anything I hand over to them.

I went home and Andy and I were off with the doggies for a hike at the Central KY Wildlife. It was our first time here and we really enjoyed it. We had to keep the hike pretty short with a 12 year old Bella that can't quite do the hiking she once could. But all four us so loved being outside, in the woods, walking around the ponds, seeing all the pretty wildflowers, and smelling the goodness of it all.

We ate a late lunch at The Hub in Danville. I've decided Danville is a cute cute town and I'm a fan. Andy and I thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

At home Andy and I indulged in a lil nap then I went outside and pulled weeds from the flower beds. The weather was so nice and the breeze was just perfect.

I did a second yoga practice in my very own hot yoga room at the Big Blue House. I kicked my own yoga butt, made myself a sweaty mess, and loved every minute of the hour long practice, in which I finished with pranayama (breathing exercises).

Andy and I made ourselves cute and walked downtown to the local wine bar. I had a glass of wine + the most amazing coconut mango mojito. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

All in all today was the sort of day you just want to bottle up so that you can take it out and sip in the midst of winter. Amazingness in more ways than one. The type of day when everything feels balanced and good.

Here these two cuties are all snuggled up on a perfect summer night....

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