Monday, May 02, 2011

working with the studio theme of "creating"!

The month of May has brought us a new studio theme of creating! Fun, right? Here are some ways to get your going this month. You could also begin your own list to have handy on those days when you have time to do something just for yourself. Here goes:

- Design your own creative yoga practice. The only rule is that it's fun and you love it!

· Update your wardrobe to better reflect who you are.

· Choose one room in your house to update. Move furniture around.

· Get a haircut that you love.

· Make a piece of jewelry.

· Hone your cooking skills. Make a new dessert.

· Host a party.

· Create your very own massage oil.

· Grow something.

· Explore a town nearby.

· Write a short story about your life.

· Write a poem about your favorite tree, beach, mountain view, etc.

· Create your own recipe book using a binder or taking photos of your fave dishes them making a book.

· Trace your family's ancestry.

· Keep a small notebook on hand to record thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

· Make a list of the books, people, places, and/or websites that stimulate your creativity.

· Ponder your purpose. Write it in five words. Draw it with one image.

· Creatively raise money for your favorite charity.

· Create a dream deck using index cards and images from magazines.

· Make a list of next steps you need to take on your creative journey to your dream.

· Create your own affirmations for your dream.

· Write a love letter from your project/creative dream having it tell you the next step. I'm planning to do this one while I'm in Cali!

Choose at least one thing and rock it. Let me know how it goes!


Jen said...

Love the ideas -- they come at a time when I need a creative boost! Thanks for the suggestions. Hope you're having a great time in California!

Sharon Tessandori said...

Thanks the Jen! So happy they've come at a good time. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

PS - CA is going so very great. :)

Mia said...

I LOVE the last one!!!

Mia said...

PS: By the way, I can't wait for the whole "create" chapter! I'm extra excited that it's on my birthday month :) And yours too (right?) Heehee :)

Sharon Tessandori said...

Mia the stuff for May was just posted! I so enjoyed writing for this month. Check it out!

And yes my birthday month too. My fave month of the whole year!