Tuesday, May 03, 2011

ayurveda intensive -days 3 & 4

Hola amigas! So I've got a little behind in posting about my intensive. It's been soooo great, and soooo exhausting! Lots of intake of information, so I'll have to take some time to process and sort through it all.

Day 3 we went over herbs and worked through the pathology of a case study. The herbs was super fun. We got to explore making a medicated ghee, taste all sorts of herbs, talk about the different actions of herbs, explore warm and cool herbs (as they will vary depending on the doshas and this is the biggie that differentiates Ayurvedic herbs and Western herbs).

The latter portion of the day we worked with a teacher through a case study. This was a great way to review, refine, and learn some more. But again, at the end of the day, I'm beat! Evenings have been super chill. Going to bed early. Waking early. That's been really nice.

Yesterday we spent the day with Dr. Halpern, founder and director of the college doing an intro to pulse diagnosis. Another fabulous day. We learned about the presence of the five elements in the pulse. We felt many, many pulses yesterday. Rated the presence of ether, air, fire, water, and earth individually in the pulses. Then later as a group. We started with feeling the superficial pulse (which is the vikruti, or imbalances of the doshas), then later worked to identify the deeper pulse (which is the prakruti, or the inherent dosha). Crazy cool stuff for sure. A nice intro indeed. So when I get back and ask to feel your pulse you'll know why. ;)

AND my brother is here in Cali now! I'll finish up here today (we get to be present for a consult today and chat about it later), then head back to the airport where I'll meet Joel. Then it's five days of roadtrippin' it for a lil brother/sister vacay. Yip, yip!1

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