Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ayurveda test taking day

I take my ayurveda final today! As BFF just said as I was getting off the phone, "Finally, this seems like it's been going on forever." She also followed it up with, "Do you get some fancy new initial after your name?". Yea, she's funny. And cute too.

No fancy new initial. But if all goes well I'll be an Ayurveda Health Educator. Happy happy.

I've kept my schedule open and unbooked for yesterday and today so that I can study and focus. I made myself a tasty lunch today (see photo above). It's two corn tortillas topped with roasted sweet potatoes spiced with cumin, black beans, tomato, and spinach. They were de-lish.

Driving on my way to the studio I was pondering stuff from my studies...saying aloud...kledaka, tarparka, bodhaka, avalambaka, sleshaka, pachaka, sadhaka, alochaka, bhrajaka, ranjaka,and so on. Thinking of certain symtoms and identifying dosha, subdosha, dhatu, srota, and herbs for the symptom. Pondering prana, tejas, and ojas. And the gunas of course. And if the client would need tonifying or purifying. And the foods, scents, poses, colors, and more that would be balancing for imaginary vata/pitta/kapha client.

I was reminded of my drives to and from Cincy years ago when I was doing yoga teacher training. I used the driving time to memorize poses in Sanskrit, reviewed chakras, important Yoga Sutras and so on.

As a see this course coming to a close ideas are coming to me which is exciting. I mostly took this course for me. Since opening BW's this was one of the first things I've ever done without having a "big plan" for it. It's been such a joy being a formal student again just for the fun of it.

Alright, test taking begins at 2:00. If you've got some good happy thoughts to share, please send em' my way!

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