Monday, May 30, 2011

creating this weekend

Wow, can the weather be any more perfect? Really? The most beautiful three days of KY weather all year. In my opinion anyway. ;)

The sunshine and the heat have been good for my heart. It's truly been a long lovely weekend. I'm super happy that I've gotten to finally spend a lil time being creative. Sure I waited till the last minute, but better late than never right?

I've spent a good amount of time this weekend doing some fun projects around the Big Blue House. I even took my real, fancy pants camera out and took some real fancy pants pics to share but I'm still having trouble getting photos off my camera onto the laptop. It must be a laptop problem and not a camera problem. That's why you've been seeing so many cell phone shots. Not the best, but it works.

I was feeling the need to go out and buy a few new things for the house, but thought that I'd see what I could find around the house before going out, spending more money, and accumulating more stuff.

With some spray paint I revamped a couple of tables we already had at the house. I swapped out lamps from the guest room and the living room. Here is new cozy spot that I hang out often:

I also moved some things around and re-did our mantle for spring. I brought this cute white thing-ey from my craft room (that I have never used) and have started placing special lil items in it.

We have some magic rocks in there, a poem given to us on our wedding day (thanks Jennifer!), artwork (thanks Sara!), coral from Tulum, good luck beads from Peru (thanks Cody), lil driftwood from Hawaii (thanks Sarah!), and so on. I love it for the love it's holding. :)

I hung this piece of artwork gifted to me for my birthday from my Mama. It's titled Winter Fantasy, and the artist is Angela Debord. The white cabinet was handed down to me from Tracy (yes cute yoga Tracy). I love it. Can you tell I'm a fan of white furniture?

I did have a mirror hanging there but it will be leaving this summer in a yard sale. I've initiated a rule of when something like this comes in, something else goes out.

I spent four hours at the studio on Saturday and Sunday. Teaching felt really good this weekend. Lovely students as always. And subbing Teresa's Sunday Yoga for Stress Relief was a nice change of pace for me. After I finished teaching on Saturday I posted on Facebook "Love love love the yogis." It's true. There are times when I get this wave of happiness that washes through me when I realize how lucky I am to do what I do. Thanks to many of you.

I've probably taken three walks per day. Really soaking up the awesome-ness. :) Days like these I could live outdoors.

I spent some time in the kitchen today chopping and preparing things for the week. In an effort to get more of my kapha tastes/foods in I made a seasoning mixture of coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, sage leaves, clove, and cayenne. Here was the process involved...

Gather all your mismatched spices (someday I will organize them and make them cute):

Grind the ones that are whole seeds....I use my coffee bean grinder.

Mix well and put your seasoning in a spice jar. I got a few of these jars at Fresh Market to try out. I want to make sure I love them before I organize all the other spices.

My plan is to use the seasoning on a variety of foods. Together the spices should give me a good spicy swift yoga kick. ;) I'll use it for veggie dishes, curries, soups, and other stuff. My plan is to consume this whole batch this month. Come the end of June I may be sprinkling it on top of cereal.

Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. Hope that you got to be with the ones you love, do things that brought a smile to your face, and made your heart feel full.

PS - I've had a lot of people asking me how my Ayurveda final went. It went super! Yip! I will be talking to my teacher this week and will officially find out how I did. I've also had super creative business and ayurveda ideas this weekend. I love when that happens. I keep getting awesome bings of inspiration and it's pretty exciting. I'm making a few calls this week and putting ideas down on paper. Hoping to share soon!

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