Saturday, April 09, 2011

womens circle retreat + silent retreat

Hola amigas,

I spent THE whole day at the yoga tree house in the company of greatness. Goodness. Arrived at the studio at 8:30 to see Anne Deans pretty face. I got to enjoy a led practice this morning surrounded by the awesome students that I many times teach. Felt so good to breathe and move alongside them. It's a joy to teach and witness others practice. It had been a while since I have taken a class at the studio. Was reminded of the joy of being part of the group as a student.

As soon as the class was over we started the women's circle retreat. Thirteen strong and beautiful women in a circle sharing, reflecting, laughing, encouraging, aha-ing, and learning alongside one another. Every time I experience "things" like this I'm astonished by the power of being part of a group. Especially so when there is a feeling of trust and camaraderie such as today.

Our leaders Lisa and Diane are such gifted, wise, and funny souls. I so appreciate when facilitators stand with you as a person and share their own stories, struggles, triumphs, and tribulations. Lisa and Diane did just that. It was really special.

We also got to enjoy a fabulous storm complete with thunder and lighting while retreating. By the end of the day the sky had cleared, the birds were chirping, and the sun was shining.

I hurried home to take a walk with Andy and the dogs. Got to soak up just enough sunshine. I'm sitting outside now on our porch enjoying the final bits of sunshine. The warm air is simply heavenly.

In just a few moments I'll go and pack a few things for two days of quiet time at Cedars of Peace. This is the same place I took a silent retreat in the winter for four days. I'll also be doing some good ol' fashion focused work (hello taxes) while retreating in the woods.

The cabin I'm staying in this time is Wonder. I can't wait to be in the quiet woods with no distractions. To walk up to the pond, prepare simple meals, walk the labyrinth, spend time journaling, observe the goodies coming back to life after a long Winter hiatus. Oh and work.....

Hope that you too can find some quiet time and revel in the beauty Spring is bestowing upon us.

I'll see you on Tuesday.

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