Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the voice of praise & encouragement - on and off the yoga mat

Gremlins, also known as the inner critical voice like to make themselves known on occasion. Sometimes they show up at the most random times. On the yoga mat, when I'm preparing for something new, while I'm getting dressed, shopping at the grocery store. When I'm pushing myself in a new direction. They know no shame.

There are times when we are living life and the nasty lil gremlins sneak in and tell you that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. She may ask “what’s the point?”, tell you you’ll never get it right, you aren't brave enough, witty enough, _______enough to pull this off. She thinks you could be doing other, more productive stuff. Not wasting your time on this. Really what would your mama, your friends, your neighbors think of you? "Geez, have I taught you nothing?" she asks.

She may frustrate you till no end. And that's only if you're awake and aware to her lil gremlin games. You may realize what's happening and remind yourself that just because you're thinking it doesn't make it true. Thank you Buddha for that one.

Otherwise you fall into the trap and believe the gremlin thoughts. Hone your awareness skills. Pay attention to the thoughts that are on replay. He or she may say that you’re wasting your time, that you could be using your time more effectively. Simply acknowledge her presence, smile kindly, and know that this is her weird way of trying to protect you, keep calm, and most importantly carry on.

This is the last week of our theme of "cultivate" at the studio. This week for the classes I'm teaching we're working with the intention of cultivating a stronger, more light and free inner voice. Focusing on replacing the critical and discouraging voices with praise and encouragement.

How's that for an idea? Having something as intimately connected to us as our thinking mind support us, help to sustain a good, happy and healthy life. I'll drink to that.

When you on your yoga mat this week and the gremlin comes at you and tells you you're not bending far enough, balancing long enough, or strong enough to hold yourself up...just give her a wink (and the teacher might even like this too) and say something friendly and encouraging. Praise yourself. You deserve it babe. You rock.

PS - I'm leaving this evening to go to Louisville for an early flight to CA. I'll be gone till the 8th but plan to take pinktop and share during Ayurveda and coastal Cali roadtrip. Yip! Anything you wanna hear about while I'm gone?

PPS - The pic is one of my faves of my nieces from years ago. So cute they are.

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