Monday, April 18, 2011

a peek inside my ayurveda life & studies

I am so very happy in this moment! After spending nearly a year totally immersing myself in the study of Ayurveda (the sweet healing sister to yoga)I am almost done. Almost! I just sent the last of my homework and quiz to my teacher. Happiness.

I spent about eight hours working on homework and case studies today, starting at 7:00 this morning (see above photo with a messy messy bed) and just finishing off a few minutes ago. Most recent case studies included a 44 year old gal complaining of mucousy stools for three months (fyi, we talk poo/BIG bathroom a lot in ayurveda)and a poor lil lad of 9 years presenting with a burning sore throat and a fever of 103 degrees.

*There was the prakruti (constitution) and the vrikruti (imbalance)to figure up. *Then the unfolding of the pathology to be charted.
*Then the prognosis and investigation of factors making the case easier to treat and more difficult to treat (these include constitution, climate they live in, age of patient, current season, pathway of imbalance, if multiple doshas are involved, and duration of the complaint).
*Then the state of agni and ama.
* Then the state of prana, tejas, and ojas.
*Then determining the patient's consciousness (talk about a big job ;) and whether it's sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic.
*Which chakras are experiencing excess or deficient flow?
*And ditto for the nadis.
*And what about bija mantras, which do I recommend and why?
*Which pranayama which help?
*Which is a higher priority...tonification or purification?
*Which tastes would be best and which would be worst?
*What's an example of a balancing lunch for the patient?
*Now design an herbal formula (which is so totally foreign to me still, my most challenging part)
*And a massage oil and aromatherapy mist.
*Lastly colors to help heal and meditate on.
*AND types of poses and yoga practice! Insert cheer!!

It is so freakin' crazy, cool, and amazing this world of Ayurveda.

Now the fun part...traveling to Cali in just over a week and doing an intensive, meeting other distance learning students, and real, live, in person teachers. Yay! Then a road trip down the coast with my fancy pants brother. He's flying to meet me in Sacramento. Yay, more happiness.

And even more fun part....taking all this awesome info (that can be uber confusing), choosing the juiciest parts to me, then figuring out the best way to share (in a way that makes sense and is inspiring and accessible) to my peeps (yea that's you). More yips!

Ok, I'll stop now.


**Totally not focusing on the final test I'll take after Cali. But that will come soon.**

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