Friday, April 01, 2011

beaches + banners + homecomings

Hola Amigas! I'm writing from the coziness of my bed at the big blue house. I've missed writing this week on the blog, having nothing profound to say, I'm resulting to giving you the scoop on my week. Exciting, yes? ;)

BFF and I flew out of Lexington on Sunday to Florida. I was a little sad cause I wouldn't get to watch all of the UK & UNC basketball game. But come on, it's a trip to the beach after a loooonnnnngggg cold KY winter. So happy as a clam I was.

I must've forgotten where we were flying from. Hello Lexington. The game was on everywhere we turned. Walking past the restaurant, all eyes on a TV, quiet as a whisper then I hear cheers. Oh good, I think....that has to be a good sign. We make it to our gate and again, all eyes on the television. Good news is Cats win. Bad news is our flight is delayed.

We do make it to FL and arrive at the condo before midnight. Settle in for bed and wake up early. The first day of three beach days begin. We have a great time walking the beach, eating fave eats, watching movies, hanging on the balcony, shopping at Tarjay and Borders (yay bought 4 books!), and loungin on the beach and reading. Liz took that pic on our last day. A big storm was comin' in and the wind was wild. We however refused to leave the beach. Even choosing to turn our chairs away from the wind and letting the sand pelt our legs. Still we persevered. ;)

I arrived back in Lex on Thursday around noon and went straight to the studio. It was time for focused work. Except I was exhausted from the early 6:00 shuttle ride, the three hour delay, and the flight. I settled for catch up on email and calls, doing a yoga practice, and teaching. Always so happy to be back at the studio. Tired and all. This place and these people make me happy.

In other exciting news Andy bought 3 tickets to the big championship game on Monday. We're keepin' our fingers crossed that the Cats win tomorrow. If so I'll pick Andy up at the Louisville airport Sunday evening at 6:00 and we'll begin the journey to Houston. First making a stop in College Station to pick us the sis-in-law.

Back in September we had a wish party to celebrate BW's anniversary. We had rocks for students to write on. Andy was there and he wrote this on a rock: Yep it says banner. I snapped this pic before the game on Sunday. This rock has been sitting on top of our television since the beginning of the season. Even back in September he had the Cats and banners on his mind. So hoping his wish comes true.

Now I'm cozied up in my bed after a long hot bath complete with handmade lavender salt scrub (thanks Mia!). I've got delish pineapple, a candle lit, robe on, a pile of books around me, the laptop, and materials I've been working on for our theme of "cultivate". Work feels so much more fun this way. Wishing you an awesome weekend.

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Mia said...

Glad you enjoyed the lavender scrub Sharon! :)