Monday, April 25, 2011

butterfly gap retreat

Andy and I returned yesterday from two days of amazingness at Butterfly Gap Retreat. This place was sooo much more, sooo much better than what I was expecting. Sure I was expecting it to be nice, to have awesome views, and conducive to rest and relaxation.

BUT from the time that we pulled onto the gravel road and the gate opened my expectations were far surpassed. It truly was perfect. In fact, I can't think of one single thing that was amiss, that was a let down. We only left the property one time and that was on Saturday for a quick trip (6 miles) into town for lunch.

Here are some highlights:
*Our private guesthouse that was tucked back in a hollow with a creek that flowed alongside and a view of the lake. Andy's most fave thing in the world (ok one of them) is a good creek. He loooves them. He had asked if there was a creek and I didn't think our house was near it. We were so happy to learn that our house was right by the creek. Yip! The setting and the house blew our minds.
*Hiking to the top of the mountain and enjoying the 50+ mile views.
*Eating on the screened in porch with the sweetest string of lights and the sound of the creek.
*Walking around the lake and seeing tons o fish. Even an albino catfish we saw over and over that we named Charlie.
*The delish breakfasts made and delivered to our door by mom and daughter.
*Donning my wedding dress, privately renewing our vows (yes we did), exchanging gifts, then having a local photographer take our pictures. This was simply amazing. Heartfelt and fun.
*Recording our weekend in my journal. Me rocking on the screened in porch and Andy swinging close by on the front porch.
*Enjoying the biggest bath tub evah.
*Sleeping with the windows open and hearing the creek. Waking to amazing views and feeling nestled back in the woods, marveling at how green everything is.
*Taking wine, bourbon, and a picnic up to the lookout for dinner and watching the sunset. Already plotting a trip back.
*Chatting with one of the owners and learning more about this special place. I love that it's a Mom, Dad, and the two daughters. This was their dream and their reality. They do everything themselves from mowing the grass to cooking the breakfasts, to building and decorating the guesthouses. Truly inspiring.
*Reading, reading, more reading.
*Drinking coffee and eating a cookie before breakfast. Only on vacation, right? ;)
*Cheers, toasting, and reminiscing the ten years we've shared as hubs and wife.

This is truly a remarkable place and so close to us. From Lexington it's only about 2.5 hours away. This is the second place I can recall that I love so much that I'm plotting my next visit even before I leave(Maya Tulum being the first). Makes it even more special that Andy felt exactly the same way. We've discovered a spot that we both fell madly in love with. Happiness....

PS - Book early if you want to visit. They only have six guesthouses and fill up fast.

PPS - Check out my yogi man below. Too cute.


Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

Congrats, sweet friend! Looks like a wonderful time. xoxo

Misty said...

Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate 10 years of love.

Mia said...

Happy anniversary, Sharon! And way to celebrate!