Friday, April 29, 2011

namaste from nevada city!

Good mornin' yoga friends! I arrived safe and sound to California yesterday. Both flights went off with no problem. I had an hour layover in Houston which allowed me just enough time to grab a coffee then board my next flight to Sacramento.

This was actually my first time flying to CA from the east coast side. Last time I was here I flew in from TX. Needless to say after five hours to flying time I was ready to be on the ground. Not sure how many times I reminded myself that my beloved Mexico is only a direct 3 hour flight from Cincy. Well, into Cancun anyway. ;)

I waited for a fellow student at the airport (he and his wife own a yoga studio in Martha's Vineyard, how cool?!), we got his rental car then had an easy 60-75 minute drive to Nevada City.

I checked into my sweet home for the next 5 days at Piety Hill Cottages. It's less than a five minute walk to the CA College of Ayurveda and about 7-10 minutes to downtown (which is just great). I'm charmed by my place here. It's painted the same color as my bedroom at home, has a great sitting area, a lil kitchenette AND includes local organic coffee. As I write now I'm drinking hot water. But I'll be diggin' into the coffee grounds here momentarily.

I got up at 5:00 PST so I'd had plenty of time to get ready for the day. Started with some yoga (a must after the travel yesterday), a shower, some unpacking, and now here I am.

We start at 9:00. I'm feeling so excited! And a little nervous, feelin' like a kid going to school on the first day. ;) All in all, giddy to be here learning, exploring a new quaint Cali town, meeting new people, and celebrating the closing (or soon to be) of a yearlong process!

Wishing you a charming day, no matter where this message finds you.

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