Tuesday, January 11, 2011

why you already have everything you need to realize your intentions

There is a really phenomenal article in this month's Yoga International. I picked this issue up at the bookstore last month before going to Owensboro for Christmas. I had flipped through the mag and when I landed on an article titled "Inspired Intention", I knew it would be a perfect resource for our month of Intention at the studio.

I've gone back and read the article several times. A key part that I keep going back to is a statement by Richard Miller. He says that a sankalpa (intention) arrives with everything we need to fully realize it. This includes will and energy, action, and the wisdom of how to deliver that action. Pretty cool, huh?

Richard says, "These are all aspects of the Divine, and they live within us. When the true sankalpa comes in, we awaken these three qualities of the Divine. You don't have to ask where you'll find the will to do it. The energy and will is already there. The sankalpa informs us of the action we're willing to take in the world."

In this month's packet of Intention information I've broken setting intentions down into four areas: physical, mental/emotional, intellectual, spiritual. I had two intentions for compiling information this way:

1. To give an overall view of the whole person and to create balance in all the areas.
2. To give a tool that helps people to connect to themselves more deeply, moving beyond the physical and mental.

I believe that it is in moving more deeply to the spiritual aspect that we can identify an intention that is part of our soul's mission. When I look back over the past several years and reflect on the intentions I've set, I can see some that have manifested and some that haven't. I believe that those intentions that have come true have been imperative not only for my physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, but also my spiritual growth. And these days I'm all about the widening and growing of my heart. I really want to expand in this way.

I can also see how Richard Miller's words rang true for those intentions. I identified something really important that I wanted to do or be. Amazingly I found the will, identified the actions I needed to take, and tapped into the wisdom I needed to do the work to fulfill the intention. And it didn't feel like that much work. Sometimes with goals that we identify we think it will just be treacherous work. Looking back at it now I see it wasn't treacherous because I loved it and it was that important to me.

What about those intentions I've set that I haven't realized? I now look back and see it's not a big deal. I'm not missing them in my life. I'm ok. I'm happy. I don't think we only get one shot with our intention. There is infinite and unlimited potential that exists in this world. It's waiting for you. For me. For all of us.

My advice is to dream big about yourself, your abilities, and your capacity for greatness this year. Believe in yourself. Trust that if it's part of your heart and soul's mission then it will come forth. For. Sure. Everything you need, you already have.

PS - Here is the article I was mentioning above. It's a must read.

PPS - I've scheduled next month's workshop for the theme of Attention for Sat. Feb 19. Do plan to come on out!

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Mia said...

"I don't think we only get one shot with our intention." --> I SO needed to hear that! Thank you, Sharon.