Sunday, January 30, 2011

delicious moments

The past three days have been filled with goodness. Plain and simple goodness. Here's a rundown of the past three days that have given me much joy:

I started Friday by spending some time with one of my absolute fave people, my brother Joel. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and shopped for office supplies at Staples. With any one else these may have been less than exciting. But spending time with Joel is always enlivening and wonderful. We got to chat about exciting business happenings and hopes for the year.

I jetted off to the studio. I was so happy to see Lisa at the studio. She was stopping by before leaving for Nashville for a weekend Yin Yoga Teacher Training (come to her class and experience what she learned!). Delia was subbing her class, which I had the good fortune of taking. It was hard to stay focused on the class cause I just kept thinking, "Wow, she is so very amazing at such a young age." Delia went through my very first yoga teacher training when she was a high school senior. She's been teaching for several years now at the University of Dayton. Lucky lucky students. Being in her presence is light a breath of fresh air. Simply refreshing. After the class I taught a private session, which I was totally absorbed in. I'm enjoying my private sessions these days with a new found appreciation and zest.

Andy and I capped the day with a nice dinner and I went to bed early to look over my notes for a workshop on Saturday and pleasure reading.

Saturday I was up and out the door early to get to Richmond by 9:30 for a two hour Intro to Vinyasa workshop I was teaching. So. Much. Fun. to be at the delightful Exhale Studio, a pilates and yoga studio. There were a couple of familiar faces there along with mostly yoga newbies. I had a blast leading the mixed group. I also felt happy knowing that both Anne Dean and Sarah were taking care of the Barefoot Works yogis.

After the workshop I went to a students house so together we could work on her private home practice. We started with a tasty veggie lunch. Yummy. Then she surprised me with the most amazing gift....a scrap booking kit! Together we scrap booked and I created my very first scrap booking page. So much fun! Then we got "to work" and created her home practice, which consists of a 10 minute morning practice and a 15 pre bed evening practice.

I drove back into Lexington and called my BFF. We planned a last minute dates that consisted of dinner, a trip to Bath and Body Works so I could buy tons o' Coconut scent stuff, Target, then to see Black Swan. Wow. Brilliant and engaging, and disturbing. And and and. Very happy I saw it even if I had to cover my eyes and nearly jump into said BFF's lap several times. As I drove home I felt happy and content. I was reminded that it's usually the best moments that are unplanned, spur of the moments.

And the Sun on Saturday. Not to be forgotten.

Sunday I awoke and read in bed for a while. Andy and I made it to the studio at 10:00. I wanted to be at the studio to assist Teresa in any way I could. I figured we'd have a full house. And we did. Yogi and yogi filed into the studio. Seasoned students, newer students, totally new students...all mixed, all equally welcome. I was able to get everyone signed in, info into software, witness the beauty of a yoga community, and take a seat by the desk for a little participation. Teresa is a total rock star at leading this class. I continue to be amazed by her and her wealth of yoga knowledge. Truly inspiring. I sneaked the above photo in. Hehe. We're getting loads on new students and it's so exciting and fun.

Brunch at Alfalfas was next on the agenda. AND I was able to parallel park. Happy moment (yes the small things). Delicious food with great friends. Doesn't get much better.

We came home and I got to spend lots of time outside. Cause, more SUNSHINE and warmer temps. Andy and I took the dogs for a long walk. I spent time in the flower garden, cutting stuff back that I've long neglected. Then I go on a second solo walk in the cemetery. Me + my ipod + Krishna Das + Sunshine = Delicious Moments. More of them. Ahhhhh.

A long hot bath with a great read. Now spilling thoughts here. I so needed these three days. And the two days of sunshine. Feeling so very full. :)

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Sew-A-Lot Creative Sewing Centers said...

I felt the same about this weekend. I think it was a good energy boost to get me through the rest of winter.