Thursday, January 06, 2011

3 lessons learned while teaching yoga & losing voice

Tonight was a first.....I had a complete few moments of losing my voice. I'm dealing with some upper respiratory thing and while I feel ok, I certainly don't sound ok (poor students in this mornings class, oyyyy).

Here is what I've learned from that joyous experience:
1. It could be worse. Interestingly enough, in tonight's class we were cultivating acceptance, joy, and gratitude for our body in the present moment. Even in a moment of losing my voice I was able to feel a sense of, "Hey it could be worse...."

2. You can only repress something for so long before it erupts. In tonight's episode what I really needed to do before losing my voice was cough. I realllly needed to cough. But hey, it's a yoga class and yoga teachers shouldn't be coughing their head off. So I repressed the cough. Which resulted in a tickle. Which resulted in the loss of the voice. We're talking like at least a full sun salutation of me doing something between a whisper and a wheeze. So repressing only works for so long. Might as well express in the moment Sharon.

3. Shit happens. Pull your yoga pants up and go on. Also interestingly enough I've been speaking to my classes this week about recovery. When a pose, an incident, a person, or life throws us for a loop, how quickly before you recover? Can you bounce back? Can you let the past be done and come back to your center, a place of poise.

Tonight I got to practice what I preach. ;)

PS - Tomorrow I will be taking a day of silence. Mostly out of necessity so I can teach/speak for a full day on Saturday (reeetreat and intentions!). So please don't call, just text instead. ;)


Mia said...

Feel better, Sharon! Sip some tulsi... or my go-to cough brew: hot water, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and honey. Works like a charm :)

ND said...

Feel better! My favorite upper respiratory tea is equal parts fresh mint, thyme, and sage, grated ginger (depending on how spicy you like your tea!) - steeped fifteen minutes and add lemon and honey to taste. It's glorious.