Sunday, January 16, 2011

when work and creativity collide

Today has been a joyous blend of work and play. I met with the BW's teachers this morning at 9:00. Over pineapple coconut bread and hot tea/coffee we chatted about the month of intention, and the upcoming month of attention. We also talked about the wonderful influx of new students that January has brought us. With that comes the challenge of getting new student forms, payments, and introducing of studio and teachers. Thus a challenge of getting classes started on time. We also spoke of students that come in late, the best way of communicating the importance of getting to class on time, and creating a sanctuary for these yoga souls. It hardly feels like work at all being at the warm studio on a Sunday morning, complete with incense, nice lighting, and delightful company. My intention had originally been to stay for class, but I'd had that cough (cough, cough) and didn't want to be a disturbance during Teresa's zen class. Again, the sanctuary thing. :)

I left the studio and met a dear friend for coffee (I had hot tea). We got to chat about recent happenings and give each other a rundown of where we are with everything. I so appreciate this time with friends. Such value to me to have people to hold my joys, sorrows, and dreams with loving hands. We all need that.

I came home and made the most delicious chickpea and spinach curry. This is the second time I've made it and I am in love. It has mustard seed, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, curry, cardamom, cinnamon, and some other spices I'm totally drawing a blank on, spinach, and chickpeas of course. Soooo good! After nearly a week of not so much cooking it felt great to be in the kitchen chopping, stirring, and listening to Michael Franti.

Andy left to go play hockey so I had the Big Blue House to myself. Perfect work conditions. I wanted to get some major writing finished today on next month's packet o' attention information. But it is Sunday and I didn't want to spend hours at the computer, so I hatched a plan.

Work a little. Play a little. And I did just that. I wrote for 50 minutes upstairs on the computer. I came downstairs and danced a jig for one song (this one),

did yoga for one song, then spent 20 minutes doing some fun creative visioning (photo above).

I went back and worked for 50 more minutes. Came downstairs, did the dishes (which I actually enjoyed) and spent about 20 more minutes with creative work.

I'm actually super surprised at how much writing I've gotten done in less than two hours. I was super focused during that time. And the time I spent dancing, yoga-ing, and playing were great fun too.

Thinkin' I might have to make this some sort of ritual. Work, play, create. Repeat.

Happy Sunday amigos! Wishing you a magical week.

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