Saturday, January 22, 2011

first day of anatomy training

The first day of anatomy training was really great. There was just a little issue of Jules flight getting cancelled the night before. I got to teach a 90 minute session while Jules was flying to Lexington. This actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I didn't have the time to plan for anything special, but I got to use some of my past trainings in Yoga Therapy. It was so much fun. The time just flew by. And I'm finding it really interesting the ease of it all, especially since I didn't have time to (over) plan. The session I shared was all about neutral spine. Finding neutral spine from the floor, from all fours, from seated, and standing. Was delighted to hear Jules our teacher emphasize some same things later.

Jules is a delight. As one would expect with a name like Jules. I appreciate the inclusiveness and ease in which she teaches anatomy. For such dense material, she is making it fun. Yay! Mostly what I'm appreciating is that she's sharing what she has learned from her teachers, studies, and experiences and she is inspiring in me a newfound curiosity of how I'm teaching, the cues I'm sharing, the poses in general, and how I practice. As you(may or may not) know, I'm a big questions girl. Some questions I wrote:

*What am I avoiding in the pose?

*Where is the spot I've never stretched? Never strengthened?

*What are the habits and patterns I've developed in yoga poses? Are they serving me?

*Am I being mindful as I move into and out of poses, or am I just going through the motions?

*What are the cues I am using over and over? Do they still work, am I teaching on auto-pilot, am I getting lazy in my teaching/cues?

*How can I better watch the student in a pose to see not only where the body is inhibited but where the prana/energy is stuck?

There was plenty of talk of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, fascia, joints and so on. Beautiful and use-full information to explore as a yoga teacher. Love doing so from the comfort, coziness of my own studio and being surrounded by familiar faces. Usually I'm traveling to take workshops and trainings, which means I may not know anyone at all. I'm more introverted and so I don't always love the partner work. I know, I know. That's "supposed" to be part of the fun. Not always so much so for me.

Alright friends, speaking of training, I best make my way from my cup of coffee at Panera to the studio. Have a delight-full day! The sun is shining! The sun is shining! The sun is shining! Just in case you didn't know. :)

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