Friday, January 14, 2011

i'm grateful for

My new year is not totally smashing so far. Sickness on many levels. And winter. I'm really trying to make nice and be friends with you. But it's hard.

So for right now I simply want to recall things that I'm grateful for. I'm giving myself full permission to let the joys be simple and around me now.

Here goes, I'm grateful for:
*A big, oversized, warm robe that keeps me warm in the big blue house.
*A hot and toasted pb&j sandwich
*Andy hugs and kisses
*Chocolates and coffee from Hawaii
*Spending 4 hours today with 4 funny, energized, inquisitive gals from Menifee practicing yoga
*A trip to the library and the good find of a book of stories about Ganesh
*A cute lil Bella sleeping on the couch with a cute lil pink sweater on
*A body that's feeling better day by day. A voice returning to normal.
*A father that's well today
*The support of a far away healer/friend/mentor
*Homemade waffles with blueberry sauce with Andy on a school day
*Getting registration open for Mexico yoga teacher training
*Turning in my ayurveda homework. And doing a pretty good job on my case study.
*A full house of yogis on a snowy winter day.
*A clean house
*OWN - I'm a fan Oprah
*treats from Fresh Market
*Sugarland's new CD
*Hot tea of all sorts
*The light of a fire, candle, and a lamp
*Good sleep
*A gifted hat from Alaska that's keepin me warm. Thanks Joann
*A potential trip to the beach with BFF (grateful for just the opportunity!)
*Dr. Bronners's soap
*My juicer that makes delish green juices
*All the newbie students coming into BFF
*Teachers that are rockin' this month's theme of Intention
*Camera phones
*Retta, cause she helps make my visions a reality.
*Sunshine!! Today. Totally restored me.

Would love to hear what you're grateful for these days....

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