Wednesday, November 24, 2010

you make a difference

West of doubt
where you fear your greatness and
embrace it anyway.
We join hands and
listen for the whispers of how we each make a
~Jennifer Louden

Proposing that for today we lay aside our imperfections. We let go of worry. And cling tightly to hope. Today we don't need to change a single thing about our body, our job, our relationship, or our life.

Instead we join hands, take a deep breath, look others in the eyes, affirm our goodness and celebrate how we each make a difference. Because we all do. I feel this deeply. Know it deeply.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. May your day be filled with.....thanks and giving.

**a repost of a fave pic of me, my momma, and sis in Tulum (the worlds sweetest spot). So thankful I got to experience this trip with them.**

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