Wednesday, November 10, 2010

words of ayurveda

Some words/quotes to share:

"The goal of Ayurveda is to keep humanity healthy so that one can fully pursue the four goals of life. This is the highest purpose of Ayurveda. Without health, the journey is compromised and the goals are more difficult though not impossible to achieve." ~Marc Halpern

The four goals of life are:
1. Kama (pleasure)
2. Artha (prosperity)
3. Dharma (purpose)
4. Moksha (liberation

"A person of normal mental faculty, intelligence, strength and energy, desirous of his well being pertaining to this world and the world beyond, has to seek (the) three basic desires (instincts). ~Caraka Samhita (to Ayurveda what Yoga Sutras are to yoga)

The three basic instincts of life are:
1. The desire to live.
2. The desire to earn.
3. The desire to perform virtuous acts.

This quote is pertaining to the desire to earn:
"One must have a desire for wealth for there in nothing so miserable as a long life without wealth. One can adopt any means of livelihood that is not despised by man." ~Caraka Samhita

Huh, something that is "not despised by man". I'm sure that could be debated a few different ways. As with all things yoga related. ;)

Yep, I've been studying this morning.
Enjoy the sunshine......

PS - Studio was hoppin' last night with all sorts of lovely yogis. It was quite delight-full. So nice to be back at the treehouse for yoga goodness.

PPS - That's a new yoga amiga I met at our retreat in NC. Mist over the mountains and a peaceful warrior. Pretty. Pretty.

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