Tuesday, November 09, 2010

body and soul

Yesterday was Monday.
I love Mondays.
It has officially became my "I'm gonna do whatever I feel like doin' day."

Last week I had a private session and when we went to schedule a session for this week I said, "I don't work on Monday, but any other day we can work with."

Even when I said it a light bulb went off. This is the first time I've actually voiced this to a student/client. And took a firm stand for me. And my day of self care.

Andy had PTA and didn't get home till later last night. So I had a full time to myself. I was so happy about my day that when he came home I recited to him what I spent the day doing (and even gave him times, as in from 6:30 to 8:00.....)

Body and soul were fed in the following ways....

*study ayurveda upon waking
*eat the last of the de-lish granola I brought back from Maya Tulum
*walk to main and maple. spend three hours blogging, writing and reading old journal entries from Mexico (a way I'm celebrating/receiving all the Mexico goodness)
*eat vegetarian chili I made previous night. This is THE best chili I've ever made
*take the dogs for a long walk (for dogs)
*take myself for a long walk (this is more for me than the dogs)
*spend an hour in my yoga room doing yoga (asana mostly). I did read a passage by Rumi that became my inspiration for the practice. Following the practice I spent a few minutes writing in my sketch journal.
*listen to Lucinda Williams station on Pandora. Swirl around the house and tidy things up.
*see what ingredients I have at the house and come up with a chickpea dish for dinner (garlic, tomatoes, evoo, cayenne, red pepper flakes, cumin, red wine vinegar, chickpeas, spinach, lemon juice, salt and pepper). Very tasty. And feel empowered that I could in fact improvise and make something.
*pull out old magazines and do a couple collages in my sketch journal (see above photo)
*read People magazine that BF brought to me (we recycle this way :)
*go to bed early.

I discovered this poem in an old issue of Whole Living. You can see it in the pic above. Enjoy.....

Body and Soul
by Sharon Bryan

They grow up together
but they aren't even fraternal

twins, they quarrel a lot
about where to go and what

to do, the body complains
about having to carry

the soul everywhere as if
it were some helpless cripple,

and the soul snipes that it can go
places the body never dreamed of,

then they quarrel over which one of them
does the dreaming, but the truth is,

they can't live without each other and
they both know it...

Happy Tuesday my friends. I hope to see you on the mat later today. Break is over for me, back to ayurveda studies.

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