Monday, November 08, 2010


I'm thinking about this. And what it means for me (in this moment, and that could totally change).

I just looked the definition of grounded up. Here is what I found that resonated most with me:
1. Mentally and emotionally stable
2. To place on or to touch the ground..

I've been traveling a whole lot recently. In fact, this was the first weekend I've spent at home since the end of September. Home is usually a place for us to feel mentally and emotionally stable. At least that's the hope. This rangs true for me. Upon leaving Mexico I kept having the thought, "I can't wait to get home and be grounded in my big old house."

The rational part of me knows that I need to stay put. I need to ground myself after this period of intense work and travel. But the part of me that needs and wants to experience more wants to keep me on the go.

Being in North Carolina for the weekend retreat was really good for me. Being with the group of girls was wonderful, the food was great, and the sessions went really well. For me being nestled in the mountains was pretty perfect. When I'm in the mountains I feel a sense of being protected, of being held, almost like a cocoon in some sort. And I even took an hour long nap outside, lying in the grass on my belly. Truly the most "grounding" thing I'd done in a while.

While I was in NC, I didn't make any plans. I originally had this intention of some quiet time, deep listening for what I need/want to do next.

Grounding it was. I didn't need to plan. Plan. Plan some more.

I needed to stay put. And celebrate what I'd done, what I have recently accomplished. In one of my calls with Grace (awesome life coach Grace) we were having a conversation about my need to be doing more. She says to me, "Wow Sharon I feel so inspired by you and how you have this way of making stuff happen in your life. But I also feel sadness because you can have a hard time letting yourself feel settled, receive, and celebrate what you do." These were not her exact words as I didn't write them down and the call was a while ago. But you get the gist. They keep coming back to me.

Sooooo, that's what I've been doing....grounding. My yoga practice (which I'm in another period of so loving asana) has been grounded in that I've been doing tons of standing poses, for longer holds. Less flow. More emphasis of grounding through the feet, drawing the muscles onto the bones, creating stability, and enjoying slow deep breaths.

Ideas have been swirling around about some "nexts". I'm keeping a list. But not acting on any of it yet. I know that logistically, projects need to come forth from a grounded place. Not the dreaming part so much. But when we start to move forward with dreams, it needs to come from a grounded, stable place.

I don't only do this with work stuff, but this is what I most bring voice to here on this blog. For instance in the week that I've been back I've:
1. Tried to convince Andy that we reallllly should go to the Michael Franti concert in Cleveland this Saturday. He's not as convinced as I.
2. Planned a short little trip to Asheville with Andy after Thanksgiving.
3. Firmed up plans for a June trip with BF, her husband, and Andy for a trip to the Outer Banks.

Yep, for a Kapha gal (grounded, stable, and earthy) I sure like to be on the go. :)

PS - Yes I'm sure that I used the word "grounded" here tons o' times. Perhaps I'll count and see.

PPS - But today is Monday. Monday how I love you! I will not drive today. I will not make myself do anything. I will only do the things that bring me joy. I will not judge myself in the process.


Sarah said...

I love this post. Good to hear you're working on grounding, and a good reminder to me and others, I am sure!!

Sharon Tessandori said...

Thanks Sarah. :) Glad you enjoyed!