Friday, May 28, 2010

dance, dream, chant and other weird things i do

Today I'm thinking about the things I do that help me feel balanced, that bring me happiness, and serve as general goodness. Things that help relax me, help me stay calm and carry on:

• Read a magazine (yoga journal, people, and body & soul are faves)
• Take a long bath with a lush bomb
• Walk (and sometimes skip) in the cemetery. As my brother Joel says, “it’s impossible to skip and feel sad at the same time.” We most recently skipped together at Kripalu. I highly recommend you try it.
• Bust a yoga pose….down dog & yogic squat are faves)
• Spend time in my yoga room
• Go to a bookstore
• Get a cup of coffee and write in my journal
• Go to bed early
• Pull weeds (this is something I don’t necessarily like, but it does help relax me)
• Sing positive mantras, chant, recite poems and engage in other things considered weird by lots of Kentuckians.
• Riding on a country road
• Dance wildly in the foyer of my old home
• Enjoy a glass of wine while cooking and listening to Pandora
• Dream of Mexico
• Listen to music
• Teach a yoga class. Nothing makes me focus as much as this. And when I’m focused and present, I’m usually calm and relaxed.
• Go through magazines and pull words and images out to update my vision board
• Use scents that remind me of good things and help invoke relaxation (fave candle I discovered years ago in TX, copal incense from Mexico, sandalwood incense from Chopra Center, yummy Chakra body mist spray Tracy gifted me with from Aveda, and another aromatherapy oil from Whole Foods.

How about you…..What's on your list?


Emily said...

I like to bust a yoga pose like Tree when I'm standing around chatting with non-yogis. I think it makes them confused...

Sharon Tessandori said...

Love it Emily! I'll have to try that one soon....maybe goddess pose would get a stronger reaction?