Monday, May 24, 2010

mondo beyondo update

Some of you may recall that last fall I took the online Mondo Beyondo course (which I highly recommend). It's an online class full of other dreamers and the sole purpose is to dream any little thing your heart wants to dream. To "put it out there", right? Then sending a lil' message to the universe to bring only the dreams that are "divinely right for me and the best thing for the world."

I love the last part. I love the idea that the dreams that do come to me are divinely right for me, my heart, and the world. Because lets face it...sometimes dreams don't come true. So for me rather than becoming cynical about the process of dreaming I can simply rest in a place knowing that perhaps that for whatever reason, that is not a dream that's divinely right for me. For a dreamer and believer like myself, that was a really important part of the process.

My Mondo Beyondo list has been underneath my bed since last September. I only shared what was on my list with Andy. No one else. It felt right to keep my little dreams more private. Last Wednesday on my birthday I took my two pieces of paper from underneath my mattress. In the cafe at Joseph Beth I took my list out to review. I was pretty happy to see the dreams that have come true and the ones that are in the works. Here is a rundown:

**Learn more about Ayurveda - will begin my studies with California College of Ayurveda within the month

**Learn how to prepare delicious vegetarian food - this has greatly improved with the help of retreating at the beginning of January where I learned great tips and recipes from an Appalachian vegetarian. Plus learning more about Ayurveda and Indian cooking at Kripalu is greatly helping too.

**Be serenaded by Jon Bon Jovi - so it wasn't a one on one deal, or a small gathering as I have dreamed, but it was a concert in Atlanta with Andy and thousands of other fan. ;)

**Spend one to two months per year in Tulum working and playing - this is in the works for this year. Have myself scheduled to be there for over six weeks this year.

**Go on retreat to Kripalu - check, did Ayurveda Spring Cleanse in April

**Go to Mexico with my mom and sister - place tickets are purchased for July! This is actually a pretty big one since my mom has never flown and never been out of the country. Been so exciting to watch all of this unfold. Can't wait!

**Feed my body foods that support and nourish me physically, mentally, and emotionally - again with cooking more, making more green smoothies, juicing more often, doing cleanses, and learn more about cooking, the foods I'm eating are much better.

**Connect and learn from my father. Inspire him to be more healthy - I haven't put this on my blog, but three weeks ago today my dad was in the hospital in ICU. It was really scary for me. Since that day I've called him nearly everyday, I'm getting to know more about him, sharing Ayurveda, and encouraging him to make healthier decisions. And he's doing really great. 40+ years of smoking and he hasn't smoked in over three weeks! Yippee! Needless to say when I saw this on the list that I made last September, it was an eye opener.

So there they are....the dreams that I put out there last fall that have or are becoming a reality. If you haven't allowed yourself to dream in a bit, I highly encourage it. :)

PS - the pic above is a note I wrote at the beginning of the Mondo Beyondo class and have taped on my bathroom mirror. It's a daily reminder to dream. :)

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K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

My favorite vegetarian cookbook in the whole world (currently all marked up and falling apart) is Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian. I literally refer to it every day. You should check it out. ...good vibes to your father...